We Recycle:
We help protect our environment by reusing packaging materials. Drop off your clean boxes, peanuts and bubble wrap anytime at our locations.


How It Works For Sellers

Step 1: Bring Us Your Item
Stop by Meridian Logistics LLC with an item you would like to sell, one of our team members will give you a free estimate of your item's online market value to be sure that it's worth at least $50. They'll then work with you to get the information about your item that a buyer would need to know.

Step 2: We Sell Your Item
Meridian Logistics LLC does all the work! Next, we write a thorough description of your item, and create a Stock ID# that will help buyers find it easily. Finally, we post the listing, and email you a link so you can watch all the action/post as it occurs. (Many customers tell us this part is as fun as getting their check!)

Step 3: We Ship Your Item
After your item sells, Meridian Logistics LLC collects payment from the buyer and professionally package and ship your item to ensure that it arrives safely.

Step 4: We Send You the funds.
Once the Buyer receives your item, We send you the funds.

How It Works For Buyers

Step 1: Buyer and Seller Agree to Terms
Both parties agree to terms of the transaction, which includes a description of the item, sale price, number of days for the Buyer's inspection and any other information. After all terms are discussed and agreed by all parties, the Buyer must Register with Meridian Logistics LLCand start a transaction. After all the information requested in the Registration Form are submitted, Meridian Logistics LLCwill analyze them and after we confirm that they are accurate, Meridian Logistics LLC will send an invoice to the Buyer with the transaction details and payment instructions. The registration is free.

Step 2: Buyer sends the payment to us and the Merchandise is sent upon payment verification
The Payment must be sent to Meridian Logistics LLC by following the instructions specified in the invoice. Meridian Logistics LLC starts the shipping process and will notify you by email about any change or progress of the transaction.

Step 3: 10 Days Money Back Guarantee
When the item is received, the Buyer has a 10 Days Money Back Guarantee available to verify if the item is exactly as described. During this period the Buyer have the option to accept or reject the merchandise. If the item is not as expected, we will return the item with no cost for the Buyer and will refund the payment in full. The Seller will be responsible for all the fees if that is the case. If the item is received as expected and accepted, we will send the payment to the Seller and make the necessary paperwork so we can close the transaction. The inspection period starts when the item is delivered.

Step 4: Transaction Completed
If the item is accepted, We will send the payment to the Seller.

Selling On Free Classifieds Websites Is Different

Although we sell on eBay, Classifieds websites, these marketplaces are different. Classifieds websites does not have listing fees, templates to choose from and the listings last between 7 and 45 days. The add placed on Classifieds websites has a fixed price, so you can not bid on it, the price is the one listed and it usually is negotiable. On most cases the shipping fees are already included in the price of sale. That makes our selling policy different.

The Process

The process is absolutely FREE! for buyers, all fees associated to any transaction are deducted from our commission.

On Classifieds websites, the seller must lists the item for sale and answer questions from potential buyers on it's own. After an agreement is settled with both parties, the buyer must register on our website. If a new price was agreed between the parties, then the seller must first confirm that the price is correct before we send the buyer it's invoice via email. All the information submitted at the time of the registration, whether you are a buyer or a seller, will be kept private according to our Privacy Policy.

After the invoice is received, the buyer must send the payment to an Meridian Logistics LLC Financial Department for safe keeping. When the payment details are verified and confirmed, the shipping process will start and the item will be delivered between 2 and 5 business days from the payment confirmation date.

For a better understanding of how our service works, please read out FAQ's, you may find some of your questions already answered.

Shipping And Guarantees

When a customer wishes to sell an item on Classifieds websites using our services, he/she can do so by dropping the item at one of our locations or have us pick-it up from the customers location as indicated in our Large Item Program or Meridian Logistics LLC at Home.
All items sold on Classifieds websites are being held at our warehouses, most of them which are not listed on our website. We know this is very inconvenient for Classifieds websites users which are used to face-to-face transactions, so we decided to throw in a 10 Day Money Back Guarantee that works on a simple system, you lie, you pay. This means that when the seller lists an item for sale, it must make sure that the description is as detailed as possible, otherwise the buyer may return the item for any reason at all and the buyer will pay the fees associated with this process. This gives second thoughts to sellers that "forget" certain details regarding their items description. This is a simple and very effective way to sell on Classifieds websites because the buyer can try the item for 10 Days before reaching a decision.
When taken in our custody, all items are verified and compared with the sellers description or pictures. If the sellers description matches the actual condition of the item, then the item can be listed on Classifieds websites.
We run a full history report on all vehicles, verify titles, test all appliances of used RV's, Concession Trailers, etc.

As states before, the service is completely FREE! for buyers, all the fees are already included in the price listed and will be deducted from our commission. There are NO hidden fees!


Shipping Methods

We ship using DHL, FedEx,UPS, USPS and More. For vehicles or large items, we use our own shipping service. Learn more about our shipping options...



Payment Methods

You can only send funds through Meridian Logistics LLC once you have created an Meridian Logistics LLC transaction.

We accept Bank Transfers for all Meridian Logistics LLCtransactions. Visa and MasterCard payments are available at any of our offices.

Note: Please be advised that for international wires, your bank may require and charge you for the use of an intermediary bank. You should contact your bank and inquire about the possibility of any additional transfer fees.

For more information about how to stay safe when using our service, please drop us an email.